Left the company,…and then?


I’m kijily, countertenor and blogger.


In this month,I left the company which I first worked.

I worked there for only 15 months.


Because I want to concentrate on music.

I want to sing.

But I couldn’t get enough time for music.

So I thought that I must not be a company worker.

I must change myself.


How to earn after leaving the company

I lost job.

I have to earn by myself or find another job.

I’ll be cram school’s teacher for elementary or junior high school student.

There are some reasons.


First,payment per hour is double of the former job.

Higher payment can decrease working time in the case of same payment.


Second,I like to teach my skill and knowledge.

My mother is a high school teacher.

My grandfather was a junior high school teacher.

These maybe influences me.


Third,I want to use my knowledge for students.

I recently think why I studied very hard.

I don’t want to forget my knowledge without helping someone.


That’s all.


What I want to do in the future


By getting more time for music,I want to make a community that the member can enjoy singing each other.

I want friends for singing togather.

Throughout music,I want to give pleasure to many people.


Thank you for reading!


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