Review of May, I couldn’t achieve the targets.


I’m kijily, countertenor and blogger.

I write the last article of everymonth in English.

So, this article is the last one in May.

I’ll look back over this month.


I couldn’t achieve the targets of May…

I made 5 targets for May.

  1. Writing 10 articles
  2. Posting a video singing to my own accompaniment
  3. Recording my singing voice (1 song)
  4. Trying to distribute videos by SHOWROOM (2 times in everyweek)
  5. receiving an order in crowdworks, and accomplishing it

Unfortunately,I couldn’t achieve 2 targets (2,4)


Why I couldn’t do that?

I had had a cold for a week. (This is very rare)

Until I recovered,I couldn’t sing as usual.

After that, I noticed that I was not ready for video distribution.

Moreover, unexpected activities I must do are piled.

I thought, I was always busy.


Future measures

Perhaps I must make room in my schedule for making room in my mind.

So, I’ll review my planning targets in June.

I maybe in a hurry because I’m going to quit my office job. 

I’ll lose income.

I must earn from my own job or look for another job.


I’m confused, but excited!

See you.


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