Tried writing an article in English only.

Hi! I’m kijily, countertenor and blogger. 

I tried writing this article in English.


Because I want to do that!

That’s all.

I have wanted to write in English for a long time! (←very suspicious…)

By the way,This article is the last one in this month.

So, I’ll write my thought after released 10 articles for a month.


Surprisingly, I  could have written 10 articles, but always been upset.


Last month, I only wrote 4 articles.

So, I didn’t know I could do that then.

But finally, I did!

I’m very glad!

At the same time, very exhausted.


Perhaps I always has been upset in April.

I haven’t been able to forget the deadline everyday.

because I’m not confident of that and good at management of time.

I want use time efficiently,

Therefore, I make targets in May to succeed this!


The targets in May


  1. To concentrate on writing, I won’t watch SNS until 10PM.
  2. To be more active at night, less amount of dinner.
  3. Before writing an article, check the flow of contents.(to write faster)

That’s all.

I don’t want to waste time.

Because, I’ll challenge some new things.

Those targets are necessary to act this.


Come on May!


Thank you for reading.

See you!


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